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    Lil’ Skinker
    Ghost Town Denizens

    NYC Doodling (TBD)
    Wastelands (TBD)


The Box Project (2018)
Endless Potential (2018) Configurations(?)
Interiors Unwound(?)
Other Grad Inclinations

Blemishes (2021)
Portals (2020)
    Fun and Games
    Maquette (2020)
    Confrontations (2018)


NYCTBD - These images were taking at key moments of my life. Oftentimes they were aimless wanderings, from the landscape to the miniature, that were just as much a deflection as they were an inquiry.

They have only manifested as digital experiences or early, single prints. Therefore, I believe they have not found their way yet into the realm of a processed work of art. I believe this wil take shape in the form of a book.

Until then, here are the images, bare of context that is oh so necessary(?).

Emissions - Des Moines

Emanations - NYC/Venice