Hello! This site belongs to Nick LaPole and is an absolute mess atm. 

Feel free to browse! And know that a massive(?) transition is underway.


    Lil’ Skinker
    Ghost Town Denizens

    NYC Doodling (TBD)
    Wastelands (TBD)


The Box Project (2018)
Endless Potential (2018) Configurations(?)
Interiors Unwound(?)
Other Grad Inclinations

Blemishes (2021)
Portals (2020)
    Fun and Games
    Maquette (2020)
    Confrontations (2018)


This page is probably the sloppiest! 3 years(?) out of graduate school andI’m still picking up the pieces. 

Some of these are rough, exploratory things, indicative of where my brain was at and what I was thinking about as I made. Others could, potentially, yield re-explorations in the future. All are pretty junky, partially destroyed, or obliterated in the real world (not to mention my memory!).All these images, only a slice of my experiences/failed efforts/miniprojects, have value.