Iowa, 2021ish
Vol. 1
“Careful looking” can so easily apply to all manner of perception. Peeping, general inquisitiveness, and good/ill will inevitably fill the blanks of intention. Before narrative, before intention, before the opinion that emerges from perspective, there is the camera; what does it look like to compose a scene just as mindlessly?


“Ghost Town Denizens”
Iowa, 2021ish
Vol. 1 - 3
“Ghost Town Denizens” is dedicated to a growing selection of small town residents. The place is lost and each face will remain nameless. Their weather faces and frames are all that remain.


“Look! Line! Skinker!”
Iowa, 2020ish
A sneakpeek (and a promise, of sorts) inside the wasteland inhabited by Lil’ Skinker and friends! The horizon line is a primary antagonist of sorts.


“J Train”
NYC, 2020ish
A snapshot into a reoccuring instance with the MTA. Drawn directly after the depicted event in hopes of capturing the beautiful instance.




Personal Journal
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Nick LaPole was born and raised in the city of Des Moines, Iowa. He privately laments his own lack of functionality, especially when compared to his elders.

Currently? He doesn’t know what he wants to be besides ‘useful.’

Artist Statement